FAQ's/Payment options


Are your fees lower than the dental fee guide?


Yes, we use the dental hygiene fee guide which is lower than the dental fee guide. In addition we do not charge for assessments or polishing. You will probably pay approximately 30-50% less than you would at most dental offices.


Do I still need to see a dentist?


Yes, our goal is not to replace your dentist. Although we do a detailed assessment at every appointment and will let you know if we see any concerns, we cannot diagnose and recommend that you visit your dentist for an examination and any necessary radiographs once every 12-24 months depending on your dental history. You should also see your dentist if you are experiencing any dental or oral health problems. If you are looking for a dentist we can recommend one.  If you feel it would be more convenient for you to have your teeth cleaned at your dental office while there for an exam, you may simply alternate your cleaning appointments between Brilliance Dental Hygiene and your dentist. It is your choice based on what works best for you. 



Will my dental insurance cover services at your office and how will I be reimbursed?


Most insurance companies are now accepting claims submitted by independently practicing dental hygienists.  At Brilliance Dental Hygiene payment is due at the time services are rendered by cash, cheque or electronic transfer. Please bring in your insurance information with you and we will be happy to complete all paperwork on your behalf and mail out your claim form.  You will then be reimbursed within one to two weeks.

How long have dental hygienists been able to practice without a dentist?


Legislation was passed September 2007 allowing dental hygienists to practice independently. This change was made to benefit the public of Ontario thus allowing you more affordable and accessible dental hygiene care.  Now you have a choice!

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