Dental Hygiene cleanings

Adult $100.00  Senior $80.00  Child 12-17 years of age $50.00  (one hour appointment that includes services listed below, more than one appointment may be necessary)

All dental cleanings are scheduled one hour apart. This insures ample time to attend to all of your needs and eliminates waiting time. At Brilliance Dental Hygiene we respect your time.  If your appointment is at 9:00am you will be in the chair at 9:00am   We never bill  for more more than two units (half an hour) of scaling per appointment even though we may spend up to four units (one hour) with you.  This way you will be covered by your insurance for more frequent cleanings if needed.

All cleaning appointments include a complete, thorough, comprehensive oral and periodontal assessment as well as an oral cancer screening.  A client specific treatment plan will be formulated then reviewed and modified as necessary at all subsequent appointments depending on your goals.  Your cleaning appointment will include appropriate combinations of scaling (removal of both hard and soft deposits above and below your gums) and polishing (stain and biofilm removal).  Topical fluoride and or the application of desensitizing agents may be applied as necessary.  Your customized procedure will be completed with a hot towel service and a complimentary tooth brush!

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